Punch Man

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Get ready to unleash your inner boxing champion in the fast and furious game called Punch Man! Play as a brave warrior, determined to take down anyone and everyone who dares challenge your might. With eye-catching graphics and a vibrant soundtrack, every punch and jab you throw feels like an explosion of energy. Your fists will become your own superheroes, launching blows to knock out opponents at lightning speed. Strategy and reflexes are the keys to victory here. With each opponent having their own fighting style and abilities, you'll need to carefully analyze their moves, dodge and counter with precision. Timing is everything, as one wrong move can leave you flat on the mat, staring at the twinkling stars above.


The game offers a lot of interesting game modes to keep you hooked. Whether you're challenging yourself in the single-player story mode, competing with friends in exciting multiplayer battles, or honing your skills in the intense practice mode, Punch Man guarantees that there is never a dull moment. Call upon your inner strength to unleash devastating combos, electrifying uppercuts and bone-crushing haymakers. As you defeat one opponent after another, you'll feel extremely satisfied knowing that you've truly earned your spot as the ultimate Punch Man.

How To play?

Use the arrow keys to go back and defeat the nearest enemy.

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