Basketball Stars

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Welcome to the world of Basketball Stars, where the court becomes your arena and your skills determine the outcome of the game. This fast-paced and thrilling sport game brings the excitement of basketball to your fingertips, allowing you to showcase your talent and compete against players from around the world.


Step onto the virtual court as a basketball prodigy, ready to amaze the crowd with your incredible shooting, dribbling, and defensive moves. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, Basketball Stars offers a wide range of gameplay options to suit your style and level of expertise.


Challenge your friends in intense one-on-one matches, testing your abilities and strategic thinking in the pursuit of victory. Showcase your skills in different game modes, such as Shooting Race, where speed and accuracy are crucial, or Attacker-Defender, where your defensive prowess shines. With each game, you can earn in-game currency and power-ups to enhance your performance and customize your character, creating a unique and formidable presence on the court.

How To play?

1 player controls

WASD - Move
B - Shoot/Perform action
S - Pump
V - Super-shot
D twice - Dash


2 player controls

Arrow keys - Move
L - Shoot/Perform action
DOWN Arrow - Pump
K - Super-shot
LEFT Arrow twice - Dash

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