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Welcome to Monkey Mart, the ultimate jungle shopping experience! In this game, you play the role of a mischievous and resourceful monkey who accidentally stumbles into a hidden oasis of shopping paradise.

Grow fruit and move from season to season to fill the stalls with bananas, corn and many other products that you will receive as you progress in the game. To grow fruit, click on empty plots of land. To harvest crops, click on the plants when they are ripe. The customer will receive the goods and wait for you at the checkout counter. To sell products, click on the customer and then select the product you want to sell. You can develop your personality, open up new career opportunities, or even hire other employees to assist you in running the grocery store.

As you progress in the game, you will have enough money to buy more land and seeds, open new areas of the supermarket, discover secret treasures and uncover the mysteries of this special forest market. With each level, the challenges become more thrilling and rewarding, providing more opportunities for your monkey to shine.

How To play?

Use YOUR MOUSE to play

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