Electric Man

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Welcome to the world of Electric Man game. Get ready to channel your inner lightning and become the ultimate electric warrior. In this fast-paced and action-packed game, you take on the role of a powerful electric warrior, as you take on waves of formidable opponents in a futuristic arena. As an Electric Man, you possess incredible skills and abilities that allow you to harness the power of electricity. From lightning-fast punches to stunning electric shocks, you'll unleash a series of shocking moves to defeat your enemies. Your job is to control your stickman protagonist and defeat opposing robots while avoiding as much damage as possible. But be careful, because your enemies won't be taken down easily. They will test your reflexes, agility and strategic thinking to the maximum. You will need to adjust your strategy and master the art of timing if you want to become a champion.

How To play?

Arrow keys to move your character
Quick moves: A, S, D
Slow Motion moves: Q, W, E

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