Blumgi Castle

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Blumgi Castle is a very special skill game in which you will have to launch in the right direction and with the right force a series of explosives to in order to sink your enemies into the water,make your enemies explode into pieces and get ready to enjoy the demolition while you exercise your wonderful aim.
Start by choosing the number of characters and players. Fight against each other as two players or advance through the levels as a single feel free to create destruction and enjoy this addictive skill game to the fullest!

How To play?

Single Player Mode:
Aim - A/D or Left/Right arrows
Shoot -(Hold down and release) Spacebar

Multiplayer Mode:
Player 1: E and R to aim, moving the target left and right and A to shoot.
Player 2: Left/right arrow to move the target in these directions, the spacebar to shoot.

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