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This is not just a port of Donkey Kong!
It's actually supposed to be a game version of "Mario's Day Off," a flash animation (with too much swearing) in which Mario travels through time and to old video games.
So here you can rescue FLUDD in the first level and then use it to rescue Pauline in the second.
But that's it.

It looks amazing and it's really as close as you can get to taking real arcade games home. Like many of Donkey Kong's other conversions, this NES version isn't completely complete because it doesn't have a conveyor stage. To be fair, many other versions at the time skipped this stage, but I feel like they could have easily brought it to the NES.

The game is very good, you play as Mario who needs to save the girl from Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is just a really fun game and it's one of my all time favorite arcade games. It's a real pleasure to play with the tight controls and simple but hardcore gameplay that makes you just want to play one more time.

Have fun helping Donkey go far in this exciting game. Have a good time with this fun game watching Donkey overcome all the challenges.

Enjoy the game Donkey Kong, completely free. Any contributions please leave a comment below. thank you!

How To play?

ARROW KEYS to move around and climb ladders.
SPACE BAR to jump.
Once you get FLUDD: A to use the turbo nozzle.
Stage 1: Climb the last ladder.
Stage 2: Touch all the yellow charges.

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